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The Hoodoo 500 is one the most epic and challenging ultracycling races. It passes through or around three National Parks, three National Monuments and several Utah State Parks. The scenery varies from majestic cliffs and striking red rock hoodoos to aspen and pine forests and high mountain meadows.

Things are quite different than they were just two years ago when I was training to race the Hoodoo 500 on 5/28/2010 as part of a two man team. Due to some uncertain medical issues that came up racing the Hoodoo 500 just did not make the sense (see the blog post for all the details).


Early June 2012, the Hoags asked me join to race the Hoodoo 500 again, this time as part of a mixed 4 person team Turbo Dog. I figure I would be able to get ready for that and when I looked at my prior cycling, I was already will into training for that type of distance.

My training program is based on what I used before for the Furnace Creek 508, a similar event, which I competed in 2007 and 2008. The charts below show how I am doing as I work through this 19 week training program.

Last Major Training Ride
Accumlated weekly miles
Accumlated weekly climbing feet
Weekly Miles
Weekly Feet Climbing
Weekly Longest Ride