A Well Rounded Approach

If you want to improve your performance, or if you are training for a specific event such as a century, a double century, a marathon or a triathlon, proper training is important to not only help you reach your goal but also to help prevent injury. There are three key elements that are part of such a well rounded approach.

  • Use the right training program
  • Monitor your body duirng the training
  • Log your training against the program

Training Program

There are many programs that have been setup for various sports. An excellent source for running, especially training for a marathon is SmartCoach offered by Runner's World Magazine. I have used this method for my marathon training. A good training program will include:

  • A gradual increase in total effort each week as measured by distance
  • A mix of longer distance, speed workouts and recovery workouts
  • Tapering before the event.

For advanced training methods, refer to our section on Monitoring.